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V4 Issue 2 - March / April 2003


News from the Editor
Homestead Happenings: Choosing God's Best
by Lori Crank
Letters to the Editor

Courtship / Betrothal

The McMinn Courtships: An Interview 
Approaches to Courtship / Betrothal

Courtship Book Reviews

Home Schooling
Preparing a Home Schooled Child for College

Home Business
Our Story Part 13: A Home Business
Early Lessons in Home Business
Marriage and Working From Home


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Summary of Articles - V4 I2 Courtship Approaches

The McMinn Courtships: An Interview;  An interview with Tom & Dianne McMinn concerning the courtships of their 4 daughters. Includes discussion of their decision for courtship, how they taught their girls about courtship, details of the 4 different courtships, false starts, working with the young men & their families, timing of courtship & preparation, and a summary.

Approaches to Courtship / Betrothal: A review of the major differing teachings concerning Christian courtship and betrothal. Includes comparing the teachings of Gothard, Lindvall, Harris, Thompson, Myers, Ludy, Wilson, Barth & Raunikar. Focusing on major differences and courtship vs. betrothal arguments. 
Courtship Book Reviews: Reviews of 8 different "courtship" books with some summary comments and sources for purchasing. Passion & Purity; Of Knights & Fair Maidens; I Kissed Dating Goodbye; Her Hand in Marriage; Choosing God's Best; Old Fashioned Courtship & How It Works Today; When God Writes Your Love Story; and Boy Meets Girl. Preparing a Home Schooled Child for College: College admittance requirements, high school transcripts, college entrance exams, scholarships, test taking & classroom dynamics, spiritual & worldview preparation. Sharing how we prepared our sons for college during the high school years.
Our Story Part 13: A Home Business: God's moving through a planning weekend; The shock of being laid off after 22 years; Seeking the Lord's will for my employment; The challenges of starting a home business. Early Lessons in Home Business: Lessons learned with regards to: purpose (need for a greater purpose than just profit & a need to be filled), marketing (advertising, pricing, competitors), financial matters, and success & failure (humility, generosity, working heartily, patience & endurance, dependence on the Lord ...). 
Marriage and Working From Home: The adjustments to be made when coming home to work. The degree of change for both husband and wife and learning flexibility and team work with your spouse. Homestead Happenings: Choosing God's Best, by Lori Crank;
Looking at the example of Mary & Martha. The business of life and priorities - choosing to do the things that are best.
Letters to the Editor: Classical Approach Resources; Home VBAC; Courtship Activities; Natural Family Planning When Husband & Wife Disagree; Encouragement & Hope. Back to the Basics Pressed Flowers, by Lori Crank

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A Little Family Humor