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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are very welcome and encouraged! As you read articles and find you have things to share concerning the topics covered (whether you agree or disagree with what has been presented), please take a moment and write. Both letters and emails are welcome! Please do write and share your experiences and views or ask questions you may have. Let us all benefit from what the Lord has taught you as well! I hope to respond to all letters (to the extent possible) and to publish many, as space permits.

Articles to Consider for Publication

Readers are also invited to contribute articles that fit well with the purpose and theme of this magazine, for consideration for publication. We typically pay $50 for each article published, as a "thank you" to the writers for their sacrifice of time and effort to share with our readership. 

We are interested in finding contributors having helpful information or encouraging testimonies to share concerning the topics addressed by this magazine. We are especially interested in articles where the author has lived what is being shared and can speak from experience as well as theory. The sharing of advice and wisdom gained seems more effective when coupled with examples of our successes and failures. We also have a preference for slightly longer articles than many magazines (i.e. 3+ pages).

Articles for consideration may be typed and mailed to our address or, preferably, emailed (should be readable by Microsoft Word). We may sometimes publish articles that we do not entirely agree with. In certain such instances, I (the editor) may also comment on the article, explaining the major reasons why I differ.

Where there are strongly conflicting viewpoints on a given issue, I will try to present the opposing views as objectively and fairly as possible, but will also share the position I have taken and why. I will not always be right, but hopefully I am still learning. And it is possible that in a later issue I may disagree with something I wrote in a former one - I still have a lot to learn.



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