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V1 Issue 1 - May / June 2000

Our Story: Part 1- The Beginnings of our Family /A chronicle of our pilgrimage through early marriage.
Birth of a Baby - Death of a Vision /An Unexpected Cesarean Section, by Lori Crank
Protecting Your Wife in Childbirth / What we learned the hard way!
Accompanying Your Wife to Doctor Visits / A suggestion for husbands - any why!
The Courtship of Heidi Crank / Greg Greenlaw's courtship of Heidi Crank 1995-1996
A Tool for Assessing Potential Suitors / Greg & Heidi's Comments, by Greg & Heidi Greenlaw
Wasting the Opportunity of Homeschooling / An incredible opportunity - Don't waste it!
Fathers Teach Your Children the Bible / You are responsible! You are able!
Setting Family Goals / Do You? You should! And here are suggestions for how!
You Can Do Without the Baby Food! / Save yourself some money & hassle!, by Lori Crank
The Family Together in Church / The value of worshiping and learning together as a family
Why Consider Moving to the Country / Are you considering? Should you be?
So You Want to Work From Home? / My dilemmas (& perhaps yours), my reasons
What’s it Like Having Your Husband Home all Day? / A wife's perspective, by Lori Crank
Recipes & Helpful Hints,
by Lori Crank
A Little Family Humor


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