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V1 Issue 2 - July / August 2000

Our Story: Part 2;Move, No More Children? Early Education / A Chronicle of Our Pilgrimage 1977-1982
Living Near Grandparents / Advantages & Disadvantages
Birth Control by Sterilization / Why We Advise Against It! by David & Lori Crank
Why We Never Considered Public School /
Even Before We Knew of Homeschooling
Early Education & Music Training / Advantages & Disadvantages
Explanation of the Suzuki Method / A Way of Teaching Music
Protecting Your Daughter Prior to Courtship & Marriage / What to Protect From? How to do so?
The Value of Children / The Blessings of a Full Quiver
Teaching Reading / Methods & Issues, by Lori Crank
Should You Send Your Child to College / The Reasons, Dangers and Alternatives
The Wayward Child / Be Careful How You Judge the Parents!
Evaluating Churches: Large verses Small / Some Considerations for When You Must Look for a New Church
Buying Land in the Country / How to go About It, Things to Consider
The Wife's Home Business / Risks to be Careful of
Recipes & Helpful Hints,
by Lori Crank
A Little Family Humor


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