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V1 Issue 3 - September / October 2000

News From the Publisher / Editor / Changes, Web Site, Mailing Dates, Etc.
Letters to the Editor / Seven Children - Six by C-section; A Remarkable Birth Story; Physical Affection During Courtship
Our Story: Part 3; Early Home Schooling; Becoming Self Supporting / A Chronicle of Our Pilgrimage 1982 - 1986
The Courtship of Samuel Crank & Aimee Beavers / Our Oldest Son's Courtship and Marriage: 1998 - 1999
Our Courtship / Samuel & Aimee's Further Comments on Their Courtship, by Samuel & Aimee Crank
Marriage: Understanding and Appreciating Each Others' Differences / Learn to Understand, Accept and Appreciate Each Others' Differences
The Long Term Perspective in Home Schooling / How to Really Enjoy and Succeed at Home Schooling, by Lori Crank
Keeping Young Children Healthy / What We Learned and What a Differences It Made for Us!, by Lori Crank
A Special Needs Child / A Special Blessing From God!, by Darrell Roquemore
Martha's Story / God Always Keeps His Promises!, by Tina Roquemore
Home or House Churches: What are They? / The Home Church Alternative
On Debt and Borrowing / What do the Scriptures Teach? How Can We Apply These Teachings Today?
Designing Your Own Home, Part 1 / Why and How? General Principles
Values We Used in Designing Our House
Recipes & Helpful Hints,
by Lori Crank
A Little Family Humor



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