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V2 Issue 2 - March / April 2001

Homestead Happenings / Spring, Goats & Chickens, Garden, Scheduling, by Lori Crank
Letters to the Editor / Recently Self-Employed & Expecting 10th Child; Finding Others Interested in Home Churching; Secondary Infertility; Very Large Families; Vacations & Waiting on God; Conviction not Shared (No Birth Control); Wife Desires More Children; VBAC & Risk of Uterine Rupture
Our Story: Part 6: A Home Birth & A New Vision / A Chronicle of Our Pilgrimage 1992
When God Seems to be Silent / The Wait for a Child After Reversal,
by Lori Crank
A Journey to Closure / Pregnancy & Sarah's Home Birth Story, by Lori Crank 
The Safety of Home Births
Happy Home Birthday, by Nickey Haywood 
        Homebirth After Lost Hope
, by Beth Pankratz 
        A Homebirth Without the Midwife
, by Faith Borrowman 
        A Home Waterbirth
, by Vicki Pasterik 
        Letting Go of Preconceived Notions & Traditions
, by Sherry Glass 
To Train Up a Child
Church Leadership & the Home Church
: Part 2 / How Biblical Leadership Principles are Applied 
Insurmountable Obstacles
Recipes & Helpful Hints,
by Lori Crank
A Little Family Humor


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