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V2 Issue 3 - May / June 2001

Homestead Happenings / Spring, Marriage & Being a Keeper at Home; Goats, Chickens & Cow, Garden, by Lori Crank
Letters to the Editor / Homeschooling; Chores; Home Church; Trusting God When Don't Conceive; Homebirth; Courtship; Extended Family Support; Music & Clothing
Our Story: Part 7: A Place in the Country; A 2nd Home Birth; Elder Care / A Chronicle of Our Pilgrimage 1993-1994
Caring for Our Parents and Grandparents / Our Responsibility

Memories of Mamme
  / The Realities of Elder Care in Your Home, by Lori Crank
Journey Through the Valley of Infertility, by Magdalene Raines
My Birth Experiences / Four C-Sections, by Christa Newman
An Injurious Birth, by Melanie Useldinger
Courtship Principles vs. Rules
/ Working from Principles Rather than Rules 
Examples for Our Children & Grandchildren / The Importance of Good Examples 

A Summer Vacation From Homeschooling?
/ Considerations Pro and Con
Leaving a Church
/ What to Consider & How to go About It, by Darrell Roquemore 
Use What You Have / A Philosophy for Conserving Resources
Recipes & Helpful Hints,
by Lori Crank
A Little Family Humor



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