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V2 Issue 4 - July / August 2001

Homestead Happenings / Spring, Marriage & Being a Keeper at Home; 
Goats, Chickens & Cow, Garden,
Our Story: Part 8: Beginning to Build; HS Graduation & College / A Chronicle of Our Pilgrimage 1994-1995
Trusting God Through Difficult Pregnancies , Fourteen Pregnancies and Eight Children
Our Road in Learning to Trust God with Our Family Size and with VBACs , 4 C-sections and 7 VBACs, 
Mother or Teacher? Which Primarily are You?
Preparing Our Sons for Work / Character, Skills, Wisdom, Helping with Choice, etc.
Pride & Hypocrisy in the Church & With Believers
Learning How to Build It Yourself
Tools Useful for Building
Home Building: Lessons Learned & Regrets
Home Building: A Wife's Role of Encouragement
Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed
Recipes & Helpful Hints / Household Problems & Solutions: Taming the Laundry Monster
Letters to the Editor  
A Little Family Humor



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