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V2 Issue 6 - November / December 2001

News From the Editor
Homestead Happenings,
by Lori Crank
Letters to the Editor: It's Hard to be Different; Infertility & Adoption; Courage to Push On; Like-Minded Fellowship; Mothers & Sons
Our Story: Part 10: The Dream Becomes Reality - Moving to the Country
Adjusting to Country Living - "Lord Change Me", 
by Lori Crank
A Commuting Home Birth, 
by Natalie Rowe
More Children After the Heartbreak of a Handicapped Child,  by Laura Jones
Lessons From the Farm on Child Raising
When It Is Too Late
Home Schooling Tips

Home Schooling With Four or More Young Children 
Vaccines: Risks Vs. Benefits: Part 2: The Diseases and Vaccines
Book Review: How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
The Precious Gift of Essential Oils,
by Kris Bayer
Having Church With Just Your Own Family
Should Christians Make Use of Insurance?
Soup Recipes From Our Readers
Back to the Basics: Making Gift Bags
A Little Family Humor



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