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V3 Issue 1 - January / February 2002

News From the Editor
Homestead Happenings: A Time of Preparation,
by Lori Crank
Letters to the Editor: Back to Basics; Learning About Country Living / Adoption Hopes; Music & Leaving a Church; The Local Church Needs You; Church With Just Your Family
Meet John & Marilyn Stokes - Retirees - An Interview
How Should We Retire?
A Suitable Mate
The Basics of Teaching Obedience,
by Elizabeth
Home Schooling Tips
Vaccines: Risks Vs. Benefits: Part 2: Conclusions & Decision Making
Book Review: Family Friendly Farming

What to Do About Music?
Yeast Bread Recipes From Our Readers
Back to the Basics: Beginning Quilting - A Four Patch Quilted Potholder
A Little Family Humor



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