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V5 Issue 2 - MARRIAGE


News from the Editor
Homestead Happenings: Growth

Letters to the Editor

Marriage & Family

The Seasons of Marriage
Battle Over the Definition of Marriage
Marriage & Children
The Ornament of a Meek & Quiet Spirit
The Question of Head Coverings
Naomi's Birth Story: A Home VBAC Following 3 Cesareans

Home Schooling & Child Raising
Marriage & Home Schooling
Dwellers of the Jagged Cliff
Daughters & College

Work, Business & Money
Gambling & Investing

Back to the Basics: Simple Sewing Tricks




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Summary of Articles - V5 I2 Marriage

The Battle Over the Definition of Marriage; The political battle over same sex marriage & how we came to this point. Our failings as a church to effectively teach God's purposes and instructions for marriage. The Seasons of Marriage; Just as there are seasons of life, so there are of marriage. A look at the blessings and trials of the seasons of marriage.
Marriage & Children; The importance of children in marriage. Should children be delayed for a few years after marriage? Marriage and childbirth. Marriage and the raising of children. Marriage & Home Schooling: The husband's responsibilities in home schooling - a joint venture. 
The Question of Head Coverings: A careful look at a hard issue and the differing teachings concerning the meaning and application of I Corinthians 11:2-16. Also a look at the problems that arise for the practical application of a cloth head covering.  Daughters & College; by Johnyne Rees; A personal testimony reconsidering the value of a college education for daughters. What were the fruits of those years earning both a bachelor's and master's degrees? Is the college environment a healthy one? Does college contribute to an independent spirit and discontentment with the role of wife and mother? 
Gambling & Investing: A look at the issue of gambling from a Biblical perspective. Comparing investing to gambling and where it sometimes crosses over the line to become like gambling. The Ornament of a Meek & Quiet Spirit; by Donna Martin; A look at the value of a meek and quiet spirit as described in 1 Peter 3:4.
Naomi's Birth Story: A Home VBAC  Following Three Cesareans; by Michele Myers Homestead Happenings: Growth, by Lori Crank; The importance of trials for our growth.
Letters to the Editor: Not Bonding With a Child Back to the Basics: Simple Sewing Tricks, by Lori Crank; Easiest Dress, French Seams, Baby Quilt.
Recipes: For Cooling Off For Summer