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Homestead Happenings: How Is Your Attitude?

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Money, Wealth & Ambition

The Pursuit of Wealth
Earning Money & Pleasing the Lord
Multi-Level Marketing
On Being Ambitious

Child Raising & Home Schooling
A, B, C's of Parenting

Marriage & Family
Molly's Birth Story (An Early Birth)
Making the Best of a Blended Family Situation (An Interview)
Divorce & Remarriage

Family Health
To Circumcise or Not?


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Summary of Articles - V5 I1 Money, Wealth & Ambition

The Pursuit of Wealth; Desiring wealth and why do we desire wealth? Wealth & motives; What attitude should we have towards wealth? Examine Yourselves!
On Being Ambitious; Is  it good to be ambitious? The problem with ambition. Ambitions pleasing to God. The trap of "Great." Parents' ambitions for children
Multi-Level Marketing; r How does MLM work? The Hype Vs. the Reality; The History of MLM Companies; Critics and Defenders: Market staturation, Over priced / unreasonable distribution costs, Appeals to Greed, Compensation inequities; Comparing to a Biblical standard.  Earning Money & Pleasing the Lord; Righteousness and justice in your labor; Examining Your Company: Does it provide a good and useful product or service? Is it offered at a fair price? Are customers, vendors or employees cheated or treated unfairly?; Self Employment. 
Making the Best of a Blended Family Situation: An Interview with Tom & Johnyne Rees and Kari Astle: A discussion of divorce and remarriage and dealing with the child raising and blended family issues. Divorce & Remarriage; A close look at the Biblical guidance concerning both divorce and remarriage. Also a consideration of the hard cases and the remarriage dilemma.
To Circumcise of Not? A look at the practice of circumcision from the perspectives of the Bible and modern medicine. Points to consider when deciding whether or not to circumcise. A B C's of Parenting: Attached, Biblical, Christlike; by Stefanie Stringfellow: A personal testimony concerning  experiences with attachment parenting and learning to add Biblical discipline. Also a simultaneous personal journey from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity.
Molly's Birth Story, by Mrs. John Oldaker; A premature birth and emergency C-section. Molly's fight for her life & her parent's struggle to get her adequate care.  Homestead Happenings: How is Your Attitude? by Lori Crank;
Letters to the Editor: Reversal Baby; Sailing Uncharted Waters; See Things More Objectively Back to the Basics: Bread Making - Part I I , by Lori Crank; Ingredients, Combining, Kneading, Rising, Shaping, Baking.