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V4 Issue 5 - September - December 2003


News from the Editor
Homestead Happenings: Predators in Our Midst

Letters to the Editor

The Home

Is Anybody Home?
The Simplified / Quiet Life
The Home Meal Vs. Eating Out
Television & Videos Within the Home
Newspapers, Magazines & Books in the Home

Child Raising & Home Schooling
Teaching the "Facts of Life"
Interview with a Home Schooling Mother: Marie Gonzalez

Marriage & Family
Going Against the Flow: Single & Living at Home
A Calling to Modesty & Femininity

Family Health
Book Review: What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, by Rex Russell, M.D.
A Dentist Responds to Dr. Judd's Advice


Back to the Basics: Bread Making Part I




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Summary of Articles - V4 I5 Home Life

Is Anybody Home?  Home is, or should be a very special place. But do we have a really good home life? It's hard to have a really good home life when you are rarely home together (except for sleeping!). A look at the many things we allow to pull us apart The Home Meal Vs. Eating Out: Family Meal times have really changed in most homes across America. Have we overdone a "good thing", in terms of eating out? Consider the advantages offered by the home meal.
The Simplified / Quiet Life: An ambition to lead a quiet life ... What is the quiet life that the Bible encourages us to seek? What should b our ambitions concerning the type of life we lead? What vain pursuits should we avoid? Going Against the Flow: Single & Living at Home, by Kari Astle -  Kari's story through her teen years and twenties. Kari chose to not go to college, but to remain at home under her parents' authority and to pursue ministry and and home based business opportunities. The pressures faced by those remaining unmarried and at home into their late twenties.
Book Review: What the Bible Says About Healthy Living - by Rex Russell, M.D.: Review by David Crank; A letter of recommendation by a reader who has been applying this book's advice. Dr. Russell's 3 Biblically derived principals. Foods God said should be our food, foods God brought to His people to eat, foods Jesus served and ate. Whole foods.  TV & Videos Within the Home: Taking a close look at the role of TV and videos within the home. Evaluating the dangers - the possible long term impacts - and consciously deciding whether to have TV and/or videos in your home, or in what ways to limit or restrict their use. Sharing some of our past experiences with TV. 
Newspapers, Magazines & Books in the Home: Evaluating the influence of various reading materials within your home. Considering what is truly profitable and what is not. Interview With a Home Schooling Mother: Marie Gonzalez - Marie shares from her 10 years of home schooling experience. Why they decided to home school. The curriculums and resources they have used. Their use of co-op classes with their high school students. Participation in sports. Advice for others.
Teaching the Facts of Life: Advice to parents concerning how to tech the facts of life to their children. Early learning from observation and questions. Explanations before puberty. Explanations before marriage. A Calling to Modesty & Femininity: by Leah Laessig; God is concerned about clothing. The issues of modesty & stumbling and women's vs. men's clothing. The author's transition to modest dressing.
A Dentist's Response to Dr. Judd's Advice: Letter From Eric Heidenreich, D.D.S. Strongly disagrees with most of Dr. Judd's advice. Strongly supports fluoridation of water & explains the role of sugar in decay. Responds to questions from the editor. Homestead Happenings: Predators in Our Midst, by Lori Crank; Farm predators and thinking about the things that prey upon our families. Things that steal our individual and family time.
Letters to the Editor: Courtship Experiences - A family shares what they have learned thus far in their courtship experiences; A Note of Encouragement
Back to the Basics: Bread Making - Part I , by Lori Crank
Making  - Flours, liquids, leavening agents, sweeteners & other ingredients.