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V4 Issue 4 - July / August 2003


News from the Editor
Homestead Happenings: Words of Encouragement

Letters to the Editor

Family Housing

Building a Quiver-Full House, by Shirley Peterson 
Family Friendly Housing
Reducing Costs of Housing
Small Houses & Large Families

Marriage & Family
Of Newborns & Their Creator, by Vyckie Bennett
Our First Adoption, by Liz Pomeroy
The Duke's Home Birth Story, by DeAnn Duke
Dad's Last Ten Months
Book Review: A Father's Stew - by Stephen Beck

Child Raising
Training Children to Honor Parents (Part 2) , by Jeff Barth

Home Schooling
Reading Great Literature

Family Health
Family Dental Health: Dr. Judd's Research & Advice


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Summary of Articles - V4 I4 Family Friendly Housing

Building a Quiver-Full House;  by Shirley Peterson: The story of how the Petersons built their own house and the unusual features they included for meeting the needs of a large family and for facilitating large scale hospitality.

Family Friendly Housing: Much of today’s housing is not truly family friendly, especially not large family friendly. Some of the design features that can make a house truly family friendly – even for a very large family.
Training Children to Honor Parents (Part 2); by Jeff Barth. An in depth look at why children should be taught to honor parents and how to practically do so. Part 2 discusses child discipline, honoring siblings, and problems with friend and relatives. Reducing Costs of Housing: Houses are really expensive, and especially so in some areas of the country. Renting can also be expensive. What are the options for more affordable housing? Ways to significantly reduce the costs of building, making even building debt free possible for many.
Book Review: A Father's Stew - by Stephen Beck: Review by David Crank; A review of Beck’s book concerning the father’s challenge of balancing and integrating family, work and ministry. Small Houses & Large Families: The Robert Hurt Family Home; A discussion with Robert Hurt about how they manage with their family of 16 in about 1200 square feet of house!
Dad's Last Ten Months: Caring for Dad in His Final Days: An account of my father’s last 10 months while he lived with us – coping with possible Alzheimer's and a host of other problems. A hard time, but a very special one. Reading Great Literature: The use of literature within the home school. The dilemmas concerning "great " works including many elements not honoring to God and perhaps being a harmful influence. Evaluating literature. Some suggestions and commentary on a number of great books.
Of Newborns & Their Creator: by Vyckie Benett; Baby #7, yet still something very special – the delight of her heart! What mothers can learn about God from a new baby.

Our First Adoption: by Liz Pomeroy; Liz shares the story of adopting a baby boy.

Our The Dukes' Home Birth Story: by DeAnn Duke; The story of DeAnn’s first home birth and how her husband was affected by it.
Family Dental Health: Dr. Judd's Research & Advice: Dr. Judd’s chemistry based advice on preventing cavities and maintaining optimal dental health. Homestead Happenings: Words of Encouragement, by Lori Crank; Sharing on the importance of encouraging one another and the many small ways we can do so.
Letters to the Editor: Country Living & Difficult Birth; Our Blessed Homestead; From a Home School Graduate; Scattering of the Family & Elder Care Back to the Basics – Gifts of Encouragement , by Lori Crank
Making a mug mat and many other such crafts in the book "Homespun Gifts from the Heart"