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V4 Issue 3 - May / June 2003


News from the Editor
Homestead Happenings: Strength Through Dependence

Letters to the Editor

Child Raising

A Tale of Two Sets of Sisters 
Nurturing Good Brother & Sister Relationships
Training Children to Honor Parents (Part 1)

Marriage & Family
Biblical Marriage Roles: A Deeper Look
The Scattering of the Family
When the Children are Grown and Gone
Book Review: Biblical Womanhood
Applying God's Word to All of Life

Family Health
Should We All Be Vegetarians?

Home Schooling
But What Are You Going to Do About College?

Country Living
Family Acres


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Picnic Recipes 

A Little Family Humor



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Summary of Articles - V4 I3 Brothers & Sisters

A Tale of Two Sets of Sisters;  by Lori Crank: Lori compares her relationship with her sister while growing up, with the relationship of her two youngest daughters, noting the things that make for good or poor relationships. 

Nurturing Good Brother & Sister Relationships: A look at Biblical examples of good and poor sibling relationships and their causes. Practical suggestions for parents for how to encourage loving and close  sibling relationships that will last.
Training Children to Honor Parents (Part 1); by Jeff Barth. An in depth look at why children should be taught to honor parents and how to practically do so. Discusses how an honoring attitude is foundational to good character and the importance and methods of early child training. (To be continued in the next issue) Biblical Marriage Roles: A Deeper Look: A study of Biblical teaching concerning marriage roles. What are the implications of being created to be a suitable helper? What is implied in the terms "submission" & "respect"? What does it mean for the husband to be the leader of his home and to truly love and honor his wife? 
The Scattering of the Family; by Elizabeth ... : A testimony of one family's conviction that the scattering of families after marriage is neither good nor Biblical, and the steps they took to live near their parents and grandparents and encourage their children to do the same when they are grown.  When the Children are Grown & Gone: How should the full time wife and mother occupy herself when are children are all grown and gone? Is it time to start a career? How can such a woman best serve the Lord, her husband and family?
Applying God's Word to All of Life: Are we truly doers of the Word and not just hearers? Many apply the Word to as little as possible - quickly deciding that the Bible has nothing to say about an issue - that God is indifferent. Actually the Bible offers guidance for every issue of life, if we will seek it, desiring to live for Christ, rather than for ourselves!    Book Review: Biblical Womanhood; Review by Lori Crank of the book edited by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. An outstanding collection of writings on the role of the Christian woman, countering the false views presented by our society that are even accepted by many Christian teachers.
Should We All be Vegetarians? A look at the arguments for a Christian vegetarian lifestyle, evaluating these by the Scriptures. Concerns about many "factory farm" methods and their impact on the meat we eat.  But What Are You Going to Do About College?; by Brad Voeller. Brad shares about his experience as a home school graduate and earning a college degree without truly "going to" college. He shares about distance learning and accelerated learning options that he used to complete his degree in six months at a cost of less than $5,000.
Family Acres; by Carolyn Ellis. Carolyn shares about her experiences of moving to the country, adjusting to the different lifestyle, and the benefits for her family. Homestead Happenings: Strength Through Dependence, by Lori Crank; Lori shares about a new grandbaby, the trials of elder care, farming success and disasters and learning to depend more on God.
Letters to the Editor: A Blessing (How different articles have spoken to one family's needs); College Risks for Daughters (A dialog between a reader and the editor concerning greater risks at college for daughters than for sons) ; Immunizations & Pertussis (A reader shares their experience with whooping cough, and editor's response); A Wife's Private Pain (pornography, etc.,  - and the editor's response). Back to the Basics A Decorative Potholder, by Lori Crank

Picnic Recipes

A Little Family Humor