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  This magazine is edited and published by me, David Crank, with advice and support from my lovely wife, Lori. We live in Hempstead, Texas (about 50 miles outside of Houston) on 25 partly wooded acres. We have been married about 34 years now and have six children, Samuel (33), Daniel (32), Heidi (31), Joshua (29), Sarah (16), and Christianna (14). We were off to a quick start with children, our first arriving 11 months after our marriage.

We have homeschooled all of our children, officially starting when our oldest was mid-way through first grade (beginning of 1982). But we had been teaching reading and math during the preschool years as well. Over the years we have taken a number of different paths with our homeschooling, learning as we went. After completing high school at home, our three sons have attended college, paying their way with academic scholarships and part time work, while living at home.

 David & Lori Crank Family - August 1999
Photo by Loyds' Photography

Samuel completed a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Houston in 1996, and is now working as a software engineer. He is married to the former Miss Aimee Beavers (a home school graduate also), and they now have four young children. Daniel completed his architectural degree in 1999 (also from the University of Houston), recently (2007) married Jenny Beason, and is living and working in the Houston area as an architect. Heidi is married to Greg Greenlaw and serving with him in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission. They have six children. Joshua has a degree in computer science from the University of Houston and is working in that field while also attending seminary part-time. He was married in 2007 to Joy Nacion. 

Around 1990, the Lord began opening a "door" for us to be able to have more children. After reversal surgery (thus the 13 year gap), He blessed us with two more children (in 1992 and 1994), both born at home with the assistance of a midwife (the first four were all by cesarean section). We have hoped for more children, but the time for bearing children has nearly passed us by now (but you never know!).

In 1993, we purchased 25 acres in the country and began building our home ourselves, as we had time and money. It took us about four years, but we were finally able to make the move to the country and sell our old house with its big mortgage. For about three years, we participated  in a small home church that we helped start with several other families in December of 1997. That church came to an end and we are presently attending a local Baptist church. In October of 1999, I (David) left my corporate job of 22 years - my desire, but not by my choice - and began working on this magazine as a ministry/home business while also beginning a farm business (chickens, eggs, turkeys & goats thus far).

The Lord has blessed us with a lot of success in our marriage and with our children, but we have had our failures too. We are not the perfect husband and wife nor are we perfect parents. Nor are our children any more perfect that we. God has led us on a path that includes home education, country living, a home church, and now a home business. If perhaps God is leading you in some similar paths, then we pray that our magazine may be an encouragement and help to you as we share our experiences and what we have learned so far (as well as those of others whose contributions we include).


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