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Doctrinal Statement

Publisher / Editor

The name comes from Psalm 127:1, which is variously translated as "Except the Lord" or "Unless the Lord." The Hebrew might be more literally translated "If not the Lord". The meaning is the same - without the Lord's help and blessing of our efforts, they are ALL in vain! It is foolish to place our confidence in ourselves rather than in the Almighty God. If He does not build/establish our home/ household /family, it will NOT be built! If He does not guard and protect us, we will NOT be safe! We are in fact completely dependent on Him whether we acknowledge it or not. This Psalm reminds us of this fact and encourages us to consciously acknowledge our dependence and put our trust in Him rather than in ourselves.

We (David & Lori Crank) are seeking, in wisdom and dependence on God, to “build our house" in terms of building a household/family that will bring honor and glory to Him. And we are also seeking to "guard" or "watch over" our "city" in terms of protecting our family from the evil, corruption and foolishness that surrounds us.

This magazine is for other Christian families with similar goals of building and protecting, who have chosen or are considering taking a different path from most. Our path has been one of home schooling, home births, moving to the country, building our own home, courtship/betrothal of our children, forming a home church, and most recently starting home businesses. If some of these are paths you have taken or are considering, this magazine may be for you! The articles in this magazine will focus on these topics as well as more general topics concerning building up your marriage and the effective training of children. It is our hope that you will find this magazine to be a real encouragement and a practical help, giving useful advice and information.

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