Oaks of Mamre Farm

David & Lori Crank
Hempstead, Tx








27959 Mellman Rd
Hempstead, Tx 77445


Map #1 - Most detailed

The mapmakers often have a few problems getting all the country roads just right. For example, the "Waller Gladish Rd" in the upper right portion. Where it intersects FM 362, the sign reads FM 1736 - technically, both names apply at this point, but a little further north, FM 1736 turns to the west while Waller Gladish continues north. Also the road where Waller Gladish/FM 1736 deadends into on the center right portion of the map - is FM 1488. The road that continues south from that point is FM 362 which continues down to Hwy 290 and Waller, and beyond. The reason the map shows 362 on a portion of FM 1488, is because 362 continues to the east along with 1488 for a few miles before splitting off to go north again.

Our farm is on the west side of Mellman Road just north of FM 1736. It's the first mailbox and farm gate on your left. You can see our big red barn from the street before you get to the drive. The trick is spotting Mellman Road at all -particularly after dark! Note it's position in relation to the big curve in FM 1736 and be watching close!

Map #2 - A Further Out View

Map #3 - The Really Big Picture
Where we are in relation to Houston and smaller communities in the area.