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Volume  7 Issue 4

Unless The Lord ... Magazine
(Ps 127:1) Building Up and Guarding Our Families in Wisdom and Dependence on God
A Magazine for Christian Parents  





Courtship & Marriage - Courtship & Betrothal, Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage, Blessing of Children 

Children & Parenting - Childbirth, Adoption, Homeschooling, Parenting Babies, College, Grown Children 

Family Health - Diet, Vaccines, Childbirth, Fluoride

Church & Family - Youth Groups, Home Churches, Family Integrated Churches, Church Leadership

Homemaking, Homestead & Country Living - Homemaking Skills & Crafts, Homestead Happenings, Moving to the Country, The Farm

Business, Work & Money - Debt, Home Business, Insurance, Gambling

Our Story - Thirty years of married life with six children, homeschooling, C-sections, homebirths, moving to the country, building our home, starting home businesses

"Issues" - More controversial issues for Christian families: holidays, modesty, music, vaccines, birth control, vegetarianism, circumcision, women's head coverings, women's sports, divorce & remarriage (many of these articles are also included under other headings)

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A Balanced Life
Volume  7 Issue 4
In Search of the
Balanced Life
Balance in Changing Seasons of Life
Women's Roles in ChurchA Biblical Balance
Public School Indoctrination
In Science We Trust?
Dealing With a Prodigal
CCM's Restore & Conquering Disease Programs
A Twin Birth Story: At Home & At a Hospital
Book Review: Mother
Back to the Basics:
Memories in a Shadow Box

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Home Schooling / Home Education
Christian Marriage & Child Raising
Home Births / VBACs / Midwifery
Trusting God for Family Size
Family Friendly Churches
Family Health
Country Living
Biblical Courtship / Betrothal 
Home Bus. & Working From Home
Homemaking (Recipes, Hints & Crafts)


The David & Lori Crank Family 
(Summer 2002)
(Including the Samuel & Aimee Crank Family and the Greg & Heidi Greenlaw Family)

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